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Educational Sponsorships

Be part of Lifeline Uganda and become an educational sponsor for a student of the Bukedea Lifeline Schools in Eastern Uganda. With € 190 per year you can enable a child to receive long-term access to quality education increasing its opportunities in life.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact our project coordinator Julia Buchholz.

Why is Lifeline Uganda better than other sponsorship programmes

There are many sponsorship programmes, but with large organisations it is uncertain if the majority a donation actually goes into a child’s education. Convince yourself of the three advantages of an educational sponsorship that Lifeline Uganda is offering:

Quality education at a low price
The Bukedea Lifeline Schools offer a good education at a low price. Only 190 Euro are sufficient to enable a child to attend school for one year. The Bukedea Lifeline Schools are among the best schools in the region. Children attending these schools receive a good education giving them better chances in life.

Strong mutual partnership
Over the years, an equal partnership based on trust developed between Glocal LifeLearn and the Bukedea Lifeline Schools. This is necessary, because the schools are responsible for the education of the children and are familiar with local structures and circumstances. They know which children need support.

Transparency and trust is very important for us. Being an educational sponsor, you can be sure that overwhelming majority of your donation goes into a child’s education. As the sponsorship program is run on a voluntary basis, both from Glocal LifeLearn’s and from Bukedea Lifeline School side, there are no personnel costs and hardly any administrative costs.